Sunday, July 19, 2015

Short Break - Why? Dental Emergency

I was going to wait until August to have my wisdom teeth pulled, but it seems they had a different plan in mind. 
They're all impacted, but the bottom ones have now become a bigger problem. Without warning, they decided to cause me pain, lockjaw (At times, I can't open my mouth more than a few centimeters or an inch), and even ear pressure for the past few days. 
So, I went to an emergency dental place to get a prescription for the infections and have all of my wisdom teeth X-rayed and possibly pulled. The place ended up giving me a prescription for an antibiotic and heavy-duty pain medicine, and also some referrals to choose from for an oral surgeon. The upper teeth haven't even tried to come out, yet, and the bottom ones are too deep and difficult for the people to get to.
Since I'll be on this medicine for several days, and several more days after the procedure, I think I'll take a break from writing until I'm better. I don't want to write while I'm loopy. Not always a good combination. I'd rather not risk later looking at what I wrote and be all like, "What is this?! Gahhh!!!" Although it could be funny, as my jokes and comedic skits, scenarios, and ideas can be nonsensical and weird (as evidence from my posts in ). With those, I like making people like, "What!?" to the point that they're laughing, but I'm not sure if I'd want a serious scene to suddenly turn into a huge joke (I'm currently stopped at the beginning of a serious scene).
Oh, and one more thing before I succumb to this pain: I just wrote this whole post on half of a heavy-duty pain pill. I think I succeeded to be as normal as possible, but I still can't say what I'd be like on a whole pill. :P

Although my cheeks are always rather puffy in appearance due to having abnormally thick cheeks, here's my swollen face right now:

Puffy eyes: It's 3 AM, and it's been a long, hard day. It's also hard to stay awake and keep my eyes open and focused on the camera.
Pimples: Who cares. Adult acne is a real thing, and a real struggle because you can literally try everything and still get those stubborn little pepperoni volcanos.
Too dark: Everyone's in bed, and it's too hard to try to find a good angle to take pictures because my mom has a love for junk to make our place less boring and mirrors to make it look like there's more space than there really is.
Yes, I still live with my mother: Because I want to help out with my autistic sister and run errands they can't do for themselves. Why? Because I care.

...Something tells me I might regret posting that hideous picture of me, but maybe I can remind my future self that I'm human and that other people can relate to the struggles of living a crazy life more than I think. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 2015

Bah! I'll write something more here later! It's almost 2 AM, and I am falling asleep at the computer.

July 8
Stopped writing at: 1:50 AM
Words written: 1,089
Total Words So Far: 113,676
Day: 79

... "Something more here later!" There. I wrote it. ;P

July 9th
Stopped writing at: 1:21 AM
Words written: 1,402
Total words so far: 115,078
Day: 80

Sweetie is waiting for me to go to bed. She's sitting and dozing off a few feet away, facing me. I'm dozing off, too. After catching myself falling asleep behind the wheel of this book, I figured it best to get out of the car of wakefulness and-- I just now dozed off twice trying to think of what to end this with. I think it's time to take my cat's advice and go to bed, now.


July 12th
Stopped writing at: 3:16 AM
Words written: 2,604
Total words so far: 117,682
Day: 81

Ahhh.... That felt good. Giving live birth to a big writing. (Sounds painful, doesn't it? XD ) 
My go-to-bed cheerleader ended up going to bed with my mom, but I'll let her know that I'm going to bed, now. She's always happy to hear that. 
Every night is the same adorable routine: 

Me: "Okay! Let's go to bed!" 
Sweetie: "Neh?" 
Me: "Yeah! Let's go to bed!" 
Then she'll promptly get up, stretch in a hurry, jump down from where she's at, and race with me to the bedroom door, repeating a cheery, "Neh! Neh! Neh-eh! Nehh!" She'll look up at me to make sure I didn't forget to do something.
Me: "Yes! Let's go to beeed! Go to BED!"
I'll open the door -- (As I type this, she just came out of the darkness and scratched the worn-out chair I'm sitting in. Now she's sitting on the floor right next to me, patiently-- *climbs up the chair* *looks at herself in the mirror for a long moment* *climbs into my lap* Now, she's purring in an upright sitting position with her front arms and head resting on my left arm*
Ahem! As I was saying: I'll open the door, and she'll ask me for permission to eat.
Me: "Okay! Let's go eat your num-num!" 
*Sweetie eats a little, purring* *She waits about five minutes after I go to bed to hop up and sleep on my legs*
*I wake up in the morning with her still there*

 I once had 3 cats, and I taught them all how to say, "Num-num". Because saying "food" is impossible to enunciate for cats, I thought about it and decided that the baby talk version of "food" would be possible, since I had heard the same sounds needed to say it in cats. That was when I was 14, 15, 16, and 17 years old. Unfortunately, the one cat that learned to say "num-num" the clearest passed away in August 2008. He was an old sweetheart. He comforted me whenever I cried. My little Tiger....
The second one, Fiona, I had to give away because she didn't like my mom's dog. Long story short: I had to move to my mom's, my aunt kept her, she didn't like cats, she gave her back to me years later, Fiona freaked out and attacked my mom's dog and bit my thumb, and we had to take her to the animal shelter to go to a dog-free home. She wasn't very good at speaking what I taught her. She'd sometimes say "num-num", but it wasn't nearly as clear as Tiger's. She had a very thick, purring accent and never lost it.
 The third one, Gracie, who was also returned back to me, didn't like my mom's male cat, but she liked my mom's old-man friend and his dogs, so she lives with them. Although unable to say "num-num", she said "Hello!" in a very friendly, cheerful, purring voice.
 Sweetie? She kind of has Fiona's problem of having a thick, purring accent with a mumble, but she's slowly improving the more I work with her. For the past two months, I've noticed her voice being clearer when saying "num-num" and especially "hello". Her hello's are really doing great. 
 I think "hello" is the easiest to teach cats: When you pet it, say "Hello" clearly and slowly with each stroke. It g
ets tiresome, but the longer you do it and the more often you do it, the more they'll remember what it sounds like and what it means. The next step (And mind you, it takes months or years to teach them to say it) is saying hello to them whenever you come home and whenever you or the cat comes into the same room. It's especially effective when you pet them whenever you meet again.
 Num-num is basically taught only when you give them food of any kind. When they get hungry and know you have their food, they get chatty. Those long wails, cute pleadings, and meowing that almost seem to beg, "Please??" MIGHT just turn into num-nums. "Num-num" right over their noise. "Num-num?" "Num-num!" But don't say it more than five times each time. Making them wait too long can exasperate them. Nobody wants a frustrated kitty.
 Oh, and it doesn't matter how old a cat is. My Tiger was about seven or eight when he learned this stuff. Cats are such amazing, socially adaptable creatures.
 But, enough about my cat obsession and experimentation. It's 4:34 AM, now. I'm going to be so tired when I get up. Oooh. XP


July 14th
Stopped writing at: 1:17 AM
Words written: 555
Total words so far: 118,237
Day: 82

That's cool! The last word count was over 117,000 words, and the time I stopped writing tonight was 1:17 AM. What's so cool about 117? Just yesterday, I got to (finally!) play Halo 2 independently for the first time. My cousin owned it, so I'd sometimes play on multiplayer on a level or two, but now that I own it (whoop-dee-doo, right?), I found it to be easier than I thought (on Easy! Hah!) and got through 10 whole chapters without stopping until I decided to take a break. And no, I didn't measure how many hours I was playing (Boo!). 
To those of you who still don't get the 117 thing (like my mom, for example. Hi, Mom!): The Master Chief is also named John 117 or Spartan 117.
Anyway, back to writing: The only reason why I didn't write more than 555 words tonight is because I am tired (Yes. Again. I think it's my allergy medicine that makes me sleepy earlier than I want it to.). And the only reason why I'm typing here and not falling asleep is because I made the connection of the 117 thing and got excited enough to talk about it, here. Now that I did, I'm on the verge of falling asleep again. I now bid you a good night (or day, depending on where you live). :)


July 15th
Stopped writing at: 1:46 AM
Words written: 1,719
Total words so far: 119,956
Day: 83

Lol While I was writing, I accidentally spelled "rape" instead of "rage"!
But that, I think, wasn't the funniest mess-up I made today: While I was at work washing my hands, I grabbed a paper towel instead of soap from the soap dispenser. For some reason, I only do that at one particular sink. I'll have to catch myself doing that again and analyze it for the reason behind it.


July 16th
Stopped writing at: Approximately between 5 and 6 PM
Words written: 228
Total words so far: 120,184
Day: 84

I was having a tough time focusing on writing because each time I attempted to write, my sister would sing a song super loudly while watching the music video on YouTube. She was in the other room, and I dared not complain. She's autistic, so she'd get angry and depressed over it (Meaning: It's already been tested.).
On top of that frustration, the impacted wisdom teeth I've been saving to get pulled this August decided to throw a fit early. Swelling, pain, inability to open my mouth very wide, ear pressure, sinus pressure on the sides, and swollen lymph nodes. This bout (Yes, there have been about 5 or 6 worse times where I had a migraine with the jaw selling/pain.) has been going on for the past few days, on and off, mostly in the evening. It's been going on for most of the day today. 
Even now, my jaws feel like balloons that have been filled with too much air. Pain meds work somewhat, but I'm looking into a good close-to-home place to have them pulled, since one of the impacted teeth is incredibly close to a nerve in my jaw. I'm not looking forward to the numbness resulting in its damage upon removal of the tooth, but there's nothing else that can be done. Fear kept me frozen in place for too long, so it's my fault for the risky wait. 
Sorry about that.