Thursday, September 25, 2014

This Is Me Right Now

I've recently been buying old toys/games I had when I was a kid, so I'm hooked on Pokemon Silver. (Pssst! One of my G3:DF/G4:O creatures was inspired by Onix! It's freaking terrifying!) What does that do to my writing?
Well, I happen to be writing some pretty exciting things. But I haven't played Pokemon Silver for a long time. So, as you can see from my splattered-running-out-of-ketchup mess, I'm going back and forth between the two. Well, I've also been busy preparing for my mom's 49th birthday, which I want to make extra special (much because I can afford to get the things myself, but also because she deserves it). Speaking of which, I've got to go buy one more thing, then wrap it all up tonight!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 2014

  Oops. Sorry for the delay in making this September post. I've been wild about making chain mail (see ). Also, I've been busy with other little things, mainly social.
  My mom's birthday is coming up on Sept. 26th, so I'm planning on getting her some special things.
  Other than that, nothing much happening.

...Hey! Where's the logging I did here?? Ugh. No wonder people have been asking me if I've been writing lately. Somehow I either didn't type it up (which is likely) or it didn't go through right.
YES, I have been writing. See?

Words Written     (Difference           Words        Date        Time             Day
Each Time              from Last)          Total                          Stopped
1,106                   (+866)                46,697          2            1:34 AM         25
3,303                   (-2,197)              50,000          8            12:22 AM       26
2,641                   (-662)                 52,641          9            2:02 AM         27
1,828                   (-813)                 54,469         12           6:38? PM        28
1,024                   (-804)                 55,493         13           12:28 AM       29
1,933                   (+909)                57,426         14            2:08 AM         30
2,029                   (+96)                  59,455         19            11:31 PM        31
3,435                   (+1,406)             62,890         22            12:06 AM       32
3,225                   (-210)                 66,115         23*          2:15 AM         33

*A huge, epic battle has begun! :D Grjhcsidycbwekjcbd AHHHHH It's so exciting!!!! Heeheeheeheehee
Okay, okay, okay! I'll give you two clues (not three, just to drive you nuts):

  1. Dragons fighting
  2. Creatures/people of all kinds fighting