Monday, September 21, 2015

September 2015

 Yeah, I'm back to writing again. No, I haven't gotten my wisdom teeth extracted, yet.
 It's rather hard to make such a thing happen when you finally realize that your insurance forgot to send you your card, have no choice but to call people back and forth, need to find a decent place for the extractions close to home, etc., etc. And since it's now the busy time of year at work again, I'd rather wait until I'm less needed. So far, my teeth haven't bothered me since, and it's my hope they won't again any time soon.
 What took so long? To make it short, I was so stressed-out over the whole thing, I wasn't sure at first what my plans were. The rest of it was just rediscovering emotional calmness (a.k.a. meditation and regaining control over my emotions and thoughts so it wouldn't be racing, as I suffer from anxiety), and regaining "the mood" to write again.
 Now, without further ado, let the writing come alive again!

Sept 20
Stopped writing at: 3:20 AM
Words written: 42
Total words so far: 120,226
Day: 85

[Sept 20]

Stopped writing at: 11:58 PM
Words written: 2,745
Total words so far: 122,971
[Day: 85]

 I wrote something sad, shedding some tears. Then something happened, so I was at the edge of my seat. Well, actually, I pulled the computer closer as though I were but reading a book (Not far from the truth!).

Sept 21
Stopped writing at 2:00 AM
Words written: 69
Total words so far: 123,040
Day 86

 I can't stay awake. I really want to write, as I haven't been writing for more than a half an hour tonight, but I had a busy day today on about 4 hrs of sleep. I can't hardly keep my eyes open, anymore. I wrote a word with my eyes closed while slipping into a partial sleep. Even though I was sleep-writing (writer's version of sleepwalking), I amazingly I spelled it correctly and didn't combine it with another word coming up next in the sentence. ...Just half-fell asleep while typing this. Time to go! 

Sept 30
Stopped writing at 1:54 AM
Words written: 2,794
Total words so far: 125,834
Day 87

 It's been a busy couple of weeks. Running errands, getting ready for my mom's birthday (50!), going out to eat, etc. Now that it's all behind me, I finally get to sit down and write. Let me tell you, every single night I have had inner turmoil not writing. 
 Unfortunately, it was not easy spilling those words out tonight. I kept getting distracted by my noisy, talkative family. I tried white noise, music, both at the same time, finally told them to quiet down, calmed down, chose to listen to music, and wrote.    Wow, I keep dozing off while typing this. Time to sleep, I think!