Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 2015

*March 12th, wee hours of morning -- I'll write as soon as I can, but it's hard to do that when you have a sinus infection and a cold. Not to say I've been that miserable for that long, but, besides from this week, I had other things going on that stole my attention and drained me:

  1. Doctor appointment. (I got a prescription for my sinus infection. I also found out that I'm anemic, which explains my being exhausted and lethargic all the time.)
  2. Planning my brother's birthday, baking his birthday cake (Which I succeeded with flying colors - literally and figuratively), and going to his birthday.
  3. Another, non-health-related appointment.
  4. Then, BAM! A cold to beat up and knock my sinus infection recovery down to its hands and knees so it moves to a sluggish-crawl. Been quite miserable, I must-say, but I'm slowly getting better. Only a few sneezes today, but I could do less blowing my nose off. Oh, well.

While I'm home sick and not working because I'm contagious and don't want my nose to drip on everything, I might feel up to writing tomorrow. I don't know.... I'm so sad when I'm not out there helping out my co-workers. I can imagine how they feel about me being gone: How much harder it is to getting things done quickly, their inner frustration, their wishing that I wasn't sick.... I don't know. I'm just more acute to imagining how people feel when I can't do the things they expect me to do.
I'm a busybody. That's it. Just like my mom and my 87-year-old grandma, whom neither of them can't ever sit still. I focus so much on helping others, that I end up forgetting to just sit back, relax, and know that at least most of them understand. But, I do remember to take good care of myself. I'm doing all I can to get well quickly.
But, with all this imagining of people's thoughts and feelings when I'm sitting in the silence, why not put that to good use and write? I imagine, if I make myself a tissue walrus, I won't have to blow my nose as much.
*laughs* Now, if I made myself a tissue walrus, I could also go to work! Mmm.... I don't think anybody would think I'm mentally sound. I'd best stay home until I don't have to. Heheh

*March 24th - Update: There are some things I need to plan out a bit before I continue writing the battle scene.
Normally, I'm great at planning while I'm writing. I daydream ahead even while I daydream whatever scenes I'm typing out, if that makes sense. Basically, a daydream within a daydream. I know it sounds weird, but maybe another writer would understand better. That, or another person with Asperger's Syndrome. I don't know which.
 However, this time, it's very complex. Not only am I trying to remember what I recently have (months ago, actually, heh heh) decided to put in it, but I'm also trying to recall what I once planned long ago. I was fifteen or sixteen when I was planning and writing down bits and pieces of this battle scene, but after losing all of my writing when I was 17, and going through the shock, etc. for a few years afterwards, it's becoming a little confusing.
 So... I'm going to need to slow down, step back, look at everything, making lists and charts of major events in the battle that lean back and forth in favor of the good guys and the bad guys.
 It's like a raging sea in a storm. Everything is going everywhere, all is chaotic, and at any split-second, you could die. When things are happening fast, that's when I've got to be careful, just like my characters. They could die, I could miss important things to put in there.
 That's why I need to do this.

...One more reason why I've not been writing: I was recently telling a friend about a story I began but that which I didn't finish, and I sort of... started reading it. If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that when I get to the place where it abruptly stops and leaving hanging questions as to what happens next, that's when I want to continue off where it left off. Needless to say, then: For the last four days, I've been writing in this totally unrelated story.
 The good news is... I think... I will stop writing in it after a few more days and then go back to what I was previously doing. ...I'm pretty sure I'll stop after a bit. After all, I was singing the "G" series theme song last night. I would add to it with a "So, why wouldn't I?", but I don't always trust myself. My life is so unpredictably crazy, and I can sometimes get so deep into something (Asperger's strikes again!), that I've learned to just run down the hill of life by the pulling gravity of fate.

*Earlimorn, March 25 - I just found this that I entered below. I'll fix it later.   (Update: I didn't fix it in the way you expected. See why in "May 2015".)

March 3rd
Stopped writing at: 3:25 AM
Words written: 553
Total words so far: 76,469
Day: 48

*"Past 3 AM kind of earlimorn, March 25 - Ugh.... I'm falling asleep. It's an exciting part, but I must sleep. You do the math for now. ZZZZ (Update: I finally came back here in May and did the math. Sorry for the wait. I was too sleepy, too lazy, and forgot for all the times I thought about doing it.)

March 25th
Stopped writing at: 3:37 AM
Words written: 1,275
Total words so far: 77,744
Day: 49 Update on Jan 22, 2016: I finally looked back at this and found a goof I made in February's post that recorded the days (Day: [number]), so I'm fixing it in this post as well as in the following months (posts).