Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 2015

*April 9: At this moment, I don't feel like typing up a bunch of stuff here, yet. I just want to delete this from my writing file (I put my April 6th logging into the file where I am writing the book) where I left off:

April 6th
Stopped writing at: 3:18 AM
Words written: 1,128
Total words so far: 78,872 
Day: 50

Ahh. Now I can go write. And eat marshmallow circus peanuts. At 1:41 in the morning. And listen to my mom snore softly nearby. And now I'm going to shut up.

... *writes* ...


...WHOAH. Long day. Got super sleepy sooner than usual. This is super weird, but as I was writing a scene just now, I started to fall asleep. I was even dreaming random gibberish. But I wanted to finish that part at least, so I kept on typing.
Well, it ends up that you can actually "sleep-type", much like sleep-walking.
I seriously have no clue what this means, but it's totally not what I meant to type. Far from it:

It took [character's name] several minutes to recompose your lunch.

They're on a battle field, and the guy is injured on the ground being dragged to safety by an ally, his burn injuries making him scream. The ally reassures him in a sort of way. What. The. Heck. "Your lunch" is the part that I didn't intend on typing. I recall sluggishly typing, head drooping, eyes barely open. I also recall the gibberish talking in my half-awake dream. I think a boy was talking in it, but I can't remember.
Okay, this is kinda' freaking me out. Time to go to bed.
April 9
Stopped writing at: 2:38 AM
Words written: 142
Total words so far: 79,014
Day: 51


April 12
Stopped writing at: 2:55 AM
Words written: 870
Total words so far: 79,884
Day: 52

The only reason why I can't go much further right now is because my cat came out of nowhere just now and is letting me know that it's time for bed. Literally, I'm lying here in bed with my computer propped on my knees, and my little seven-pound cat is on my chest. It's really hard to write this right now with my neck craned over her back and my other hand as her pillow. I bid thee good night and good morning.


Early 3:?? PM, April 12th into 4:04 AM, April 13th (13 hrs of writing)
Words written: 6,698
Total words so far: 86,582
Day: [52] and 53

Yowza! Huge writing storm! I just wrote for 13 hours straight! (Except for brief breaks of taking bites of food, gulps of water, being distracted by my noisy mom and sister, and using the toilet.) I couldn't stop writing. It was just too exciting. Having finished the complicated battle that takes place in this book, I zipped through like crazy. The battle wasn't very thought through 8 years ago when I came up with the book, but a good portion of the rest, I remember extremely well, so that's why it was so fast. 
Hmm.... *calculates numbers* ...WHAT?????? 6,698 words in 13 hours. Wowee.
Okay, I'm tired. And - whoops - I have to get up in 3 hours and 45 minutes for work. Oh, dear. Remind me not to write on a Sunday night again. XP
(Update: I survived work surprisingly well. After getting home, however.... ZZZZ....)

April 14
Stopped writing at: 12:43 AM 
Words written: 263
Total words so far: 86,845
Day: 54

I'm falling asleep while writing. Can't go on. I regret not taking a nap after work today. *dozes off right now, jerks head up* My cat sleeping on my lap is not helping, either. I bid thee a good sleep. ZZZZ


April 25
Stopped writing at: 2:03 AM
Words written: 2,256
Total words so far: 89,101
Day: 55

Coincidentally, I'm falling asleep while writing again. My hands are weak and deciding to take their own naps (inspiring something in my book, as a result of this being a common symptom of writing late into the night), my eyes are taking brief naps, my head feels heavy on my neck (like a bowling ball on a bendy-necked straw), and Sweetie is sleeping on my lap again. ...I just dozed off again while typing this. Don't wake up the moon with your snoring! (P.S. I don't snore, but Sweetie often does.) Nooo.... I don't want to wake her! She's having a dream. Akk! She's poking me with her claws! ...Okay, I need to go to bed. I can't stay awake any longer. Thankfully, she understands (and is delighted by) when I whisper, "Let's go to bed!" ...Okay, so she just woke from her dream just before I tried to wake her. Now she got up, turned over, and laid down again. Told her, but she just looked at me as if saying, "I don't feel like getting up." *pause* I just told her again, and she immediately got up, purred, looked up at my face, and squeakily yawned. Nighty-night!


April 26
Stopped writing at: 4:32 AM
Words written: 1,676
Total words so far: 90,777
Day: 56

Ah, whoops! Look at the time! I noticed how late it was about an hour ago (It really doesn't feel like it!), but I had to finish a series of really moving, great scenes. I haven't finished them, but Sweetie, losing her patience, got off my lap and crouched on the arm of the recliner I'm in and watched me write.
All of a sudden, she had enough just now and, the clearest I've ever heard her say it, asked, "Go to bed?" 
(Well, of course she couldn't enunciate the g, t, and the d, but she otherwise said it more like this: "Oh oo beh?"). 

I've been teaching her various words ("Hello" and "En" = "Jen" are her favorites), and although I didn't expect her to say it, I always whisper, "Okay, let's go to bed!" or ask her, "Go to bed?" when it's time to go to bed. She'll ask, "Beh?" And I'll say, "Yeah! Let's go to bed!" It's our common routine. It's adorable. There's not a night we don't do this.
Anyway, during the time that it took me to type this for you, Sweetie acted crazy by climbing around the back of the recliner like a monkey, and now she's crouched on the arm of the chair, waiting for me again.
One more thing, Sweetie! Here's a pic of us as of a few minutes ago. As you can see, she's not very happy about being told that we can go to bed, only to have to wait for yet another thing. I'm so sorry!

This picture is so horrible. The color is off. It looks like my lips are bleeding! XO And yes, I'm battling adult acne. It's horrible. One of my aunts had this same problem, too.

April 29
Stopped writing at: 1:11 AM
Words written: 884
Total words so far: 91,661
Day: 57

Sweetie is snoring on my lap right now. And I can't count how many times I've been falling asleep sitting here. Bedtime! 


April 30
Stopped writing at: 1:42 AM
Words written: 480
Total words so far: 92,141
Day: 58

Ooh. I can't wait for it to reach its 100,000 mark. Getting closer.... 

Ooh. On another note, I can't wait to go to bed. Getting sleepy....
So much that I'm repeatedly falling asleep at the computer. I had to force myself up to 40% wakefulness in order to type this and be able to drag my feet to bed. I'm such a zombie. Urrrrgh.... ZZZZ *cartoon snorts awake sound effect inserted* That'd be really weird: Giving my book series a sudden twist with zombies in it. Zombie dragons in space? Nope! Let somebody else do it. Hey, that'd be some wild fan fiction or art! Ha ha ha! That'd be crazy. Somebody should seriously try it and post it on DeviantArt. Let me know if you do!

Update on Jan 22, 2016: I made a goof in February 2015's post, so I've corrected it there as well as in this post, which it also affected. ...Ha! I just noticed another goof in this post by itself, too. Go figure. I wrote all this AFTER I was done writing for the night, when I was at my least-functional and sleepiest.