Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 2016

3:40 AM
May 1st
161,333 words total

I've been busy with running family errands (Family birthdays are coming up!) and reading a book called New Hope Chronicles: Dragon Flame by Pat Harris. It's a great book so far. It's long, but exciting. If you like Eragon and Star Trek, this might just be your new favorite read:
I might have already mentioned it in a previous blog post, but oh well. Things happen, especially when your brain is tired and trying to tell you it's 3:50 AM. Time to sleep!
P.S. I'm trying to read more books because sometimes you get to that moment where you feel your writing is getting a bit dull and boring. Reading seems to help a lot with this. (Of course.)


12:57 AM
May 3rd
161,561 words total

It was a hot day today. 86 F. The weather can't make up its mind, though. It's going back and forth between 80-something, 70-something, and 60-something.
I'm terribly sleepy right now, and my cat is sleeping on my lap with my left wrist pinned underneath her, so I think it's time to kiss the waking world goodnight.


2:27 AM
May 7th
161,745 words total

I have places to go and things to do tomorrow (I'm taking my sister out to go find something for Mother's Day), but I've been wanting to write all day, so I sacrificed some sleep in order to write a little. I've a cat on my lap that grew impatient and fell asleep. Now I must go sleep. Stay safe this weekend, everyone!


1:12 AM
May 11th
161,890 words total

Yep, things don't always go to plan. A lot of things. But when my cat, Sweetie, wakes up my sister tonight letting her know that there's a big house spider behind her on the wall? That makes up for everything wrong that happens. I feel like I'm typing gibberish right now. That's how sleepy I am. But the cat story is true. Sweetie loves finding bugs and letting us know. Or if I find it first, I'll tell her, "Bug! Bug! Sweetie! Bug! Look!" and she'll get excited and sound off her bug alarm: "Eh! Eh! Eh!". Cute little girl.


2:31 AM
May 13th
163,383 words total

hard to write this. my cat wants me to go to bed. right now. she's hanging herself on my right arm and purring loudly. every ten seconds she yells at me. she is mad. she bit my nose. she means business. i must stop writing before she turns into a dragon and kills me. good night.


2:18 AM
May 14th

 I can't stay awake. I keep falling asleep. I had to take my sister to the doctor today in 81+ F heat. She's okay. It was just for allergies and an ear cleaning (She has narrow ear canals, which makes it hard for her ears to properly dispose of ear wax.). She ended up taking a nap afterwards, but I didn't because I can hardly ever take a nap during the day.
 Let's just say I'm forever traumatized by a horrible, vivid nightmare I had one time when I took a nap during the day. And yes, it really was traumatizing. Imagine if you're trying to save an old lady from falling down an endless sink hole in a parking lot, and she's hard to reach and hanging by the tips of her fingers. Then you're too afraid of falling in, yourself, so you don't try hard enough and your reaching for her and she falls in. Imagine her screaming. Imagine the overwhelming sense of failure and sheer terror, the feeling that you're at fault for someone's death because you were too afraid to be a real hero. I really felt like it was my fault. I woke up crying for ten minutes that day. It was realistic. I saw her face. Her own terror. It didn't feel like a dream. I felt like it really happened.
 Other things happened in the nightmare, but they were also disturbing. For instance, a leaking propane tank, department store workers that were too calm and ignored me when I told them about the leaking propane tank, and a woman and child buried up to their necks in hardened concrete in a parking space repeatedly crying to me for help.
 I had this nightmare about three years ago, and I still can't nap in the daytime, afraid my dreaming brain will use my overactive imagination and not be able to control its power.
 Anyway, it's 2:43 AM, so I'd better head off to bed, now. Sweetie is sleeping nearby, waiting-- *I sneeze* Nope, not anymore. She was sleeping with her head upside-down, so now she's looking at me upside-down, which is cute.
 Pollen count was very high today and is expected to be the same tomorrow. My allergy medicine works pretty well for me, which is good. It's a pity that most of my family suffers from asthma and allergies. I don't think I have asthma. Maybe I'll try getting tested each year, though. The last time I had bronchitis, I had to use an inhaler (The same kind that my asthmatic mom uses!) because my coughing made it very hard to breathe. I felt like I was breathing through two straws, which, according to my mom, is what it feels like when you're having an asthma attack (Difference: She said a straw.). Since I never want to have asthma that bad or ever have an asthma attack, I'll aim to catch it early.
 Whoops! Look at me! I'm not listening to myself. I'm rambling on instead of going to bed. Now it's 2:59 AM. Oh well. At least it's the weekend and I can sleep in tomorrow.

5:03 AM
May 15th
[834 words written - Not total, mind you]

 Yes, for some reason, I'm up past 5 AM. I was watching Youtube video until about 12 or 1 AM, so I was late to writing. But then I was looking at dragon art for a long time until I finally started writing at about 4 AM. I really wanted to write, so I didn't care what time it was. Whoops. Sweetie was so mad that I wasn't going to bed when I had to take a bathroom break and walked right past the bedroom. She jumped into my lap and snapped at me ("Eh!") while she petted my arm to get me to pet her.
 Oh yeah, so what was I writing? Let's just say that whenever I start writing a story, it's more like a summary in as few words as possible (Because I always end up writing the story instead of taking notes on basic, important events.).
 Okay, I'll just tell you: I got tired of seeing a mere sentence in the beginning [of my book's document] that described what happened in two chapters or more, so I figured out how I would write it and started writing it.
 Anyway, I need to head to bed. It's 5:17 AM! (P.S. Remember G3:DF? 4 AM, 5 AM, and 6 AM were common hours that I would stop writing for the night. Those were the good old days. But sort of bad because I'd wake up in the "morning" when there was only a few or so hours left in the day. That was the weirdest feeling: Waking to the sunset or near sunset, when my bedroom would glow orange. It's definitely not something I'd ever do again. It was too weird and bewildering.)


1:48 AM
May 16th
[957 words total in side document]
163,643 words total (main document)

Wait, what is this side document, you ask? Well, remember how in the very beginning, when I was first writing this book? How I was summarizing it at first, then slowly began to morph it into the book itself (Thus, the reason why I can never summarize anything?) So, seeing it whenever I open up my book's document, I decided to do something about it once and for all. I'll merge it when I'm done writing it. (It takes a while for the main document to the .)
...Okay, I can't type here anymore! I'm falling asleep and just sleep-typed twice, making me delete a weird sentence ("I decided to write it now because it was a beautiful time." and "I was reading a certain book by t"). Good night, all!


1:50 AM
May 17th
1,723 words (side document)

Hello, I'm tired.


1:42 AM
May 18th
1,770 words (side document)

Hello again. Tired again.


3:39 AM
May 21st
2,474 (side document)

I got a fair amount of writing done, but it could be better.
Sweetie is going to have to stop grooming herself because I want to go t bed now


2:16 AM
May 22
2,481 (side document)

[I was so tired, I didn't write anything here, just wrote it down and headed straight to bed.]


1:51 AM
May 27th
2,487 (side document)

I've been busy getting ready for three family birthdays that are coming up fast, so it's been hard to find the time, energy, and mental clarity to write lately. Lol. I just wrote six words. Six puny words! Better than nothing? I've been dozing off at the chair several times, so enough is enough. Time to crash.


4:08 AM
May 29th
3,444 (side document)

[This area left blank because I was obviously falling asleep and couldn't write another word past 4:08 AM.]


 ...Wow. What an uneventful month. I'm sorry this month sucked for you, reading-wise. It didn't occur to me until now that I need to try a different system. As much as I like to say something for only each time I log in my time, date, and word count, it isn't much fun for you. Reading stuff like "I was too tired to write something here" isn't something you had in mind when you came here.
 So, what I'm going to do is write something here as much as I can, regardless of the time. Just telling you how my day went, things new happening, my plans, things I have to do, what I do when I'm not writing, etc.
 I don't have much to say for my current life, so I won't be doing it every single day.
 What's happening right now? I'm sitting in my usual place at the dining table with my feet on the chair (My legs get restless and uncomfortable when I'm sitting normally for a long time), my right leg bent sideways. My coffee-black Siamese-mix cat, Sweetie, is sleeping on it. My black Labrador retriever, Sandy, just got up to drink water behind me. She just finished and is now lying down nearby. I'm contemplating going to bed, but I really want to write. It's 1:37 AM and I really don't want to be tired tomorrow. I have to go to the store to get hand soap, shaver blades, and food.
 On food: Mind you, I eat all the time. No, I'm not fat. I've stayed at the same general weight for many years: 130 - 135 lbs. Muscle weighs more than fat, so that's why using a scale to judge your health isn't the right tool to use. And right now I have a lot of muscle, so I'm okay. I have a few friends that eat like pigs when they eat and yet are super skinny. High metabolism. One of my friends gets it all the time: "Are you anorexic?" "You need to eat more food!" "You need to go to McDonalds!" No matter how much she eats, where she eats, and what she eats, she will always be skinny. The body is weird.
 Most of my family are either overweight or obese. It's sad, but I have a suspicion that it has to do with their thyroids not working correctly. Sure, some eat fast food and junk food too much, but as for those who don't and try so hard to lose weight, I'm pretty sure it's their thyroids. My mom and grandma recently found out that they have underactive thyroids (hypothyroidism). They have to take medicine for it daily. Hypothyroidism tends to make you overweight.
 ...Okay, I've decided. I won't write tonight. It's getting late, my brain is getting sluggish, and I need sleep. I'm looking at 6 1/2 hours of sleep if I go to bed in a few minutes.
 One last thing: Wear sunscreen! I was in a hurry to leave the other day, so I brought a tube of sunscreen with me. I was looking for my mom and sister in a big crowd (We were at a local event with music, food trucks, etc.), and when I finally found them, I was in too much of a fluster to bother putting on sunscreen. I thought they had already put some on prior because their skin looked oily as though from sunscreen.
 Dummy! It was a combination of sweat and their skin shrinking from dryness! Like grapes turning into sun-dried raisins. Like fresh, spongy, healthy skin turning into shiny leather. ...Okay, sorry. I'll stop. Yes, I'm horrible.
 Later, when we got back, the two had ugly sunburns on their faces, scalps, chests, and arms. I have a little bit on my nose, forehead, scalp, and arms, but it's not near as bad as theirs. Probably my lips were sunburnt, too (I don't feel it anymore, so it's probably healed). They felt a fair bit raw. There's a sunscreen lip balm out there, so I'll look around for that. *looks it up for you* ...It looks like there are a lot of options for them on, so if you're interested, go ahead and buy some. Especially if you're going somewhere where there's water. Light bounces off water like a mirror and gives you sunburns like you wouldn't believe. It just doesn't seem like it because the waves are constantly in motion. The reflections off waves are like little rapid-pulse laser guns: Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!
"Aaagh! Stop it!"
 "No! You must die slowly!"
"Nooo! I'd rather be tortured by my mom's singing than suffer this agony!"
"What's worse: A little sunburn for a few days, or your mom's singing for--"
"On second thought, just go ahead."

...Okay, I really need to sleep, now. I think I got my "writer's restlessness" wriggled out of me, now. I have no idea where I was going with that joke, but at least you know how corny my jokes are. I tend to like corny ones, puns, short ones, and short-lined dialogue jokes. I guess it comes from my grandpa (Well, the stories told to me of him, that it, since he died 4 years before I was born.), because he enjoyed telling jokes like: "'I see,' said the blind man to his deaf and dumb daughter." and saying funny things when people said certain things: G-pa: "What do you want to drink?" My mom: "Just water." G-pa: "Water's for washing your feet in!" And another: Guest: "Can I use your phone?" G-pa: "Yes, just put your dime down right there next to it." (As though it were an old payphone.)
Agh! I need to stop talking! (er, typing?) ...Now, where is that Sweetie? Probably sleeping with my mom or my sister.
Good night, all! Have a happy and safe June!