Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 2016

2:55 AM
Feb 6 (barely any) & 7
 Whoops. I forgot to write something here.

2:34 AM
Feb 12 & 13
 I ate Top Ramen for dinner while I was writing. That's the only exciting thing I can think of that happened today.
 Well, I was able to catch all three pukes when my cat threw up this evening (She sleeps in my lap for hours at a time, gets too hot in my lap, and doesn't want to get off my lap until she feels sick from the heat.), but that's about it.
 I stayed up late last night, so I ended up sleeping late into the day. That's me on weekends, though. Little social life because it's too hard to socialize. Having Asperger's Syndrome makes you different from "normal" people that way. I think too slow, I talk too slow, and I either talk and laugh too loud, or too quietly (I prefer trying not to be too loud, because I'm not a boisterous, "rude" person and don't want to be seen that way. My brother is the opposite of me.). Because of these things, people tend to interrupt me, and that's one thing I can't stand. (I can take a few accidents, but any more than that? Good gosh, wait your turn! I'm not a competitive talker, so don't expect me to have fun battling to see who's the dominant one of the group!)
 Well, I guess another significant thing that happened was this:

 My sister came home and pulled out Valentine's Day goodies her friend gave her today. One of them was this pink pair of plastic sunglasses that was made to fit a little kid.
 Sweetie is in heat again (Yes, I do plan to spay her soon), so it was hard to get a picture of her with them over her face (She kept wanting to rub her scent all over them). But then I took a video, found a frame that made me laugh, and took a picture within the video. This was the result. She looks so fabulous! You can even see her little teeth! :3 It's so cute!
 Oh, yeah. Before I forget, here was me tonight, eating Top Ramen for dinner whilst writing:

 It makes a good writer's food. Not too messy, and you can shove a bunch in your mouth at a time (In the privacy of your own home, without anyone to judge you) so that you don't have to stop writing many times just to scoop up food before it gets cold. 
 Of course, this image is just an exaggeration of how I eat. I had the plate on my lap so that I couldn't have a bunch of sticky noodles falling down on my legs like attacking ninjas. In real life, I make sure I don't have too much in my mouth so that I don't choke, and I definitely don't shove the noodles in my mouth and turn my head back to the computer screen and make them swing around gloriously as though they were squid tentacles wiggling in the wind. Also, my face does not always look like this when I'm writing. Most of the time, I look like a bored person sitting in a room full of people telling lame knock-knock jokes. Sometimes I chuckle a little (Not at the jokes. They're still lame.), sometimes I cry a little (Not out of despair of being unable to leave the room.), sometimes I get excited when I get an idea or when I finally hit (Not the people. I'm never physical, no matter how frustrated or angry I get.) a huge turn of events in the book I'm writing.
 Urrrrrgh. I need sleep. Goodnight and good morning, folks! (It's 3:26 AM, already?? Blah! ...Maybe I'll start publishing these posts during the actual daytime....)

4:44 AM
Feb 15
It's really late and early in the morning. Can I go to bed, now? I couldn't stop writing. My family wouldn't go to bed until past midnight. ...Oh, alright. I'll write here just a little.
How was my Valentine's Day? Just a family thing. I'm single, and I'm not open for any suitors. I have too much to do in life, and too many dreams to accomplish. If I got into a relationship, I'd have a lot less time to do those things. Plus, if I had kids, there's a high chance they'd all have some kind of health problem, either at birth, or later in life. I can't bear to see that or make a child live with that. Asperger's Syndrome runs strongly through families, so that means there's a high chance it'd be passed down the next generation. Asperger's has varying characteristics, too. You can get the constantly-talking, interrupting, outgoing type like my mom and siblings, or you get the quiet type like me who can't socialize very well. I can't stand the other type and often get frustrated in all directions, so imagine life with me having kids of that type. No, I've never lost my temper with kids. I worry a lot. Too much. Always looking out for them. --Ohmygosh my cat is climbing all over me! ...My mom's alarm just went off. My mom is up. Hopefully she won't judge me for still being up (It's 5 AM, and she has to go to work.). ...Okay. So far, she's not. But Sweetie is. But I can't guarantee it for long. She's normally like, "You should get to bed! You're going to be tired when you get up!" Every time?? You have to say that?? ...Sorry. I'm ranting. Yep, that's what I'm like when I'm frustrated. Not very extreme, but she always wants to be right, but I hate repetition and people judging me and bugging me throughout the day with the same sentences all the time. It's just part of my upbringing. I lived with a mentally and verbally abusive aunt for 9 years, and she loved to find my weaknesses. I never lost my temper with her, but for some reasons she liked burrowing her teeth inside your brain anyway, just so she could see you suffer, stammer, stutter, grow silent, avoid eye contact, and make your mind freeze up so you'd panic and be rendered a vegetable she could munch on. ...Ah, that was a little raw, but enough about food. Time to go to bed. Why? Sweetie said so: "Oh oo beh?" And she had the biggest pupils you'd ever see. She's worried about me, and has been waiting all night to sleep with me. Whelp, Happy Valentines Day! (Or, rather, I hope you had a happy one!)

3:00 AM
Feb 15 & 16
 Ha! I stopped at 3:00 AM right on the dot! (Or is that "spot"? Sometimes I get my weird speech from my Oklahoma-native grandma. She moved to Seattle when she was 16, so it's been almost 74 years and she still spits out interesting stuff from her mouth. <-- Of course, she doesn't use "spit" as a word to use like this. That's my characters affecting my speech.)
 It's funny when you've been writing and "living with" your characters for so long, you end up talking like them or using their words. ...Or is that your made-up words?
 Years ago, when it started leaking out of me, it just spewed out. People didn't know what was going on; why I was talking funny all the time. And with a weird accent.
 Do my characters have accents? Yes and no. I made up an old/new language for some of them to use when I was 14, but all of them are fluent enough in "English" as they are with the old/new language, so there's little accent to be heard. Those who are old have more of an accent merely because there are certain pronunciations they still prefer.
 So, having freshly made several of the words and practiced a few favorite sentences over and over again so I wouldn't stumble over any of the words, I started developing the language's accent. It was funny, because, at the time, I was also trying to master a British accent. I'd talk to my cats and read out of books like that. Soon, weird things happened. The made-up language started pushing its way through the British accent, and the British accent started pushing its way into the made-up language. But, you know, if the made-up language's accent sounds mostly similar to it, you're going to have to expect that to happen.
 It was around that time that I was having difficulty hiding it outside my bedroom. People started either complaining (My aunt), or asking me where I was from. From the latter, I laughed and had to explain it in full.
 I tried so hard to revert back to my old, stumbling "plain" speech (Oh, and here's another thing: I LIKED the accents because it helped reduce my speech problems. I often stumbled over my words - Nay, a LOT - and it's been better ever since then.), it probably got better over the course of a few weeks or more. In the end, I kept some pronunciations. I kept the "oo" and "o" in "soon" and "both". Actually, it's hard to tell in "o". You'd have to listen hard, but the "o" helped me a lot for a lot time.
Ack! I have to get up at 8:30-ish and it's 3:39 AM now! Time for bed! Goodnight!

12:47 AM
Feb 16th (11:00 PM) - Feb 17th (12:47 AM)
 Ha! (Hey, second day in a row I start with "Ha!" in a log/post!) I thought the word count looked familiar! Yesterday's word count was 148,416 words, and tonight's is 148,816 words. Exactly 400 words were written. I love it when numbers match or when they make rounded numbers, however far away they are. "Funny little coincidences", I like to call them, and I get plenty.
 I've come to the conclusion that God leaves them in tiny places to catch me by surprise and make me smile or laugh. I'm always such a nervous wreck all the time (In fact, I suffer from daily anxiety problems), it helps to hit a speed bump to make me slow down and relax.
 I'm the functional kind of anxiety-sufferer. I'm mostly good at hiding it, depending on the situation. If I have a huge list of things to do in a certain amount of time, I'm very good at prioritizing and multitasking. In fact, I live for it. Maybe Asperger's Syndrome makes some people kind of obsessive compulsive, or maybe it just naturally turns some into brilliant organizers.
 Pardon. I don't think I'm actually that smart. I have a friend who often talks to me about autistic individuals she's met who have brilliant minds, so I often fail to connect myself with them.
 One of her friends, who happens to have Asperger's, made her laugh by somehow perfectly mimicking the sounds of a soda can tumbling out of a soda dispensing machine with only his mouth. While it's true I can personally do over a dozen imitations of animals and people of different ages and genders (Yes, I can go very deep. I'll make a video of it and show you how to do it, too. It takes some practice, but it's fun when you do learn how to manipulate your vocal chords. I was able to teach my sister how to do it, so I hope to teach you, too. It's a fairly boring, lonely world when you can never meet a person who knows how to do the same thing you can. If you ever find a YouTube video of a lady who can talk very deep-voiced by breathing in and manipulating her vocal chords, please paste her video below in the comments here. I would love to hear it.) ...Whoops. I was rambling. What was I saying? *reads back a little* ...Poop-heads. I forgot! I still can't remember! Oh, well. Time to get some much-needed sleep. (I had 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night. Looks like it will be six or 5 1/2 hours, depending on how much time it takes me to not daydream in front of the bathroom mirror and go brush my teeth, etc.) P.S. It didn't feel like I had 3 1/2 hours of sleep today, but my body will probably catch up to me tomorrow, though! Ugh. I'm not looking forward to that. Oh, well. Life repeats itself. :-)

2:37 AM
Feb 20th
 I wasn't able to write much this time. I'm just so terribly sleepy. It's just because I was busy catching up on stuff on DeviantArt. Now, without further ado, I must sleep in my bed and not this chair.

3:59 AM
Feb 21st
 Blah. There. I said something here. (Sorry, but I'm falling asleep at the moment. Busy day = late start in writing. I started past 1 AM.)

1:46 AM
Feb 21st - 22nd
 Yep, Monday tomorrow. That's why I'm stopping my writing so early. But at least I made it to over 150,000 words! (I like pretty numbers.) I'll try to say more tomorrow, but I've got to go to bed. Mondays are busy for most people who work, and libraries are no exceptions! It's no problem, though. I love working. It feels really good to have big muscles from heavy-lifting. 
 Seriously! I don't exercise. I don't really need to with the manual labor I get at work. Well, maybe I need some abdominal workouts. Maybe I'll go back to yoga. But I'm not that flabby, really. It's just from eating too many sweets. But I'll wait until winter is over. Fat is a good insulator for staying warm. 
 My arms know that all too well. There's so much muscle in my arms now, they shiver the most when I'm cold! Oh well, I can't miss having flabby arms. I'd rather be strong than weak. 
 Haha, that's probably my "giant" genes talking! It comes from my father's side. My grandfather was very tall and strong, and my father was shorter but still strong. My brother and sister are much taller than me and have bigger feet (My sister's shoe size is 12, my brother's is 17.5, and mine is 8.5.). Both of them are well-built, despite their mostly lazy lifestyles (Oops! That's like me!). I used to be skinny for a long time, then age 14 and 15 hit me with lard (Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I was probably slightly overweight), and nowadays I'm muscle-bound and slightly flabby in spots. 
 I'd like to see how far I can get, though. 
 How about this: I'll start exercising and see how I measure-up later (Or each month?). I don't want to mention my waist measurement (It's not that bad, but I still want to keep things quiet unless I make huge progress. Plus, I just want to keep most of it until the temperatures rise into spring-like temperatures, too.), but I will tell you my biceps measurements: Right arm: 12 inches. Left arm: 12.5 inches. 
 ...Of course. I say that I can't say much here, and instead of listening to myself, I go ahead a chatter on here and get big ideas. Now it's 3:02 AM, and I have to get up early. Blah! Story of my life! Oh well. 
 ...Yeah. Come to think of it, I have to fix my bad sleeping habits before I seriously consider on pooping myself out with full workouts. Maybe I'll start on yoga and look into melatonin supplements (P.S. Not recommended for a long period of time. I'm just thinking about it to just honk the horn at my brain to stop being so restless at the wrong time.) or try herbal teas that could make me sleepy.

1:26 AM
Feb 28th & 29th
Oh, my poor kitty-cat. She's sleeping face-down on my leg, sleeping in my lap. ...Oh! She moved. Yeah, we're both sleepy. Good night/morning!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Little Spoiler (Not the bad kind)

Check out what I made and read the description! ^_^  :-D

For those of you who don't have access to DeviantArt:

I was trying to make a random dragon but accidentally made one of my characters, instead. I've got the book series on my mind as usual.
P.S. Now that's one way to mark the 11th year anniversary since this book series was born! Now to somehow restart writing Book 1 so that you can start reading it...?