Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 2014

  Wee! I can't wait 'til I finish this! It was a blast writing book 3, and this one's going to possibly be even more fun (exciting events and interesting twists, as always).
  I'm actually getting to the fun part already, just as a hint ;)
  Oh yeah. One more thing: Since I started a morning job (July 28th) at a library, I can no longer do late night / early morning writing sessions. It'll be more in the evening into nighttime (something like 4 PM 'til 11:30 or midnight).
  My reputation of being a nocturnal writer still hangs on: Dreaming and adventure by day, writing like crazy by night!

Words Written    (Difference             Words             Date            Time                Day
Each Time             from Last)                                                      Stopped
434                          N/A                    434                15             3:05 AM            1
4,584                     (+4,151)             5,018               16             2:38 AM            2
747                        (-3,837)              5,765              [16]           3:38 PM            [2]
389                        (-358)                 6,154               17             3:09 AM            3
1,715                     (+1,326)             7,869               18             4:38 AM            4
2,615                     (+900)                10,484             19             2:51 AM            5
5,404                     (+2,789)             15,888             21             2:45 AM            6
975                        (-4,429)              16,863             23             3:11 AM            7
877                        (-98)                   17,740             24             3:24 AM            8
2,048                     (+1,171)             19,788             25             2:32 AM            9
1,693                     (-355)                 21,481             26             2:02 AM           10
1,392                     (-301)                 22,873             27             2:02 AM*         11

*Ha! Funny coincidence. When I stopped that earlimorn (a word I made up for my characters meaning "early morning" for short - excuse me if you've heard or seen it elsewhere, as I wouldn't be surprised**), to write my entry for the log, I saw how I'd stopped writing at the same time as the time before and laughed.

**I've had a few ideas where, years later, I see my idea come true in the success of another. Like the hand-held scanner thing. I've had that idea since I was in 5th grade (a project in class was to come up with a useful invention that no one has ever thought of before, and the example they used was the electronic blinds you can move up and down), and I spotted one last year: http://www.hammacher.com/Product/84875?promo=search in a Hammacher Schlemmer catalog (gosh, I love saying that name out loud!). Only difference from how I pictured it was that you'd drag it across the paper and it was bigger. One day I'll get one and see how much it works like how I imagined it long ago. Boy, I can't count how many times I wanted it to appear in my hand so I could use it! It'd be useful for when you're reading a book or magazine that you only want to save a page from.

Welcome, G3:DF, etc. Anticipaters!

  I have little clue how many people actually are tracking or checking periodically on the progress of my writing, but nonetheless... here is the official writing log for the mysteriously-abbreviated fantasy/sci-fi book series! (...the full names of which will be revealed when they are ready to be published, which I remind you again that I have skipped writing the first two books in order to write down what I remember of the last three books, since I had daydreamed most every single detail of during my long-term confinement in my bedroom at my abusive aunt's [oh, and I have 4 aunts, by the way, but that one wasn't nice].)
  For a year and a month, I wrote G4:DF, and now we'll see when I finish writing G4:O. 
  Already I'm at Day 11, so I'd better start making the blog's chart for this month, since it's about to die (July ending, August beginning).
  Just so you know, though: G4:O was the book that I daydreamed the most of, so the majority of it is going to be written like how I planned it when I was a teen (approximately ages 15 - 17) during my abuse, which means a lot.