Thursday, October 30, 2014


  Okay, so I just came across something that blows my mind. In ways more than one:

  So, Elsa was originally going to look like this, and I'm glad they chose to make her blond instead. Because this is almost the exact same shade of blue hair my main character has. I am SO glad they made her blond. I already almost screamed (or maybe I kinda' did?) when I first saw her ice/snow powers (in theater: Me: Pointing several times with jabbing thrusts and looking back at my friend several times with a gaping mouth that only opened painfully wider every time something else reminded me of my character: "WHAT??? THAT--!! WHAT THE FREAK AM I LOOKING AT??? THAT'S JUST LIKE MY MAIN CHARACTER!!! LOOK AT THAT!!!! LOOK!!!" I saw it with a close friend. Thankfully, Elsa's personality isn't the same as my character's (though, then again, she does has a problem with fear, but it's a different kind of fear, thankfully).
  Grr. Any more surprises and I'm going to scream.

Oct 2014

  *face palm* Yes. That's how I feel about this month's writing. Only two days. That's it. I've been hideously busy with other things lately (plus, I was sick with a bad cold for six days), but I'll definitely write a lot more in November coming up. I know I couldn't help it, but I still feel guilty. I love writing, especially this series. Ah, but anyway. No lingering over bad feelings. Here's what little I did write:

Words               (Difference              Words             Date            Time                  Day
Written                 from Last)                                                       Stopped
2,087                   (-1,138)                 68,202            5                  9:09 PM             34
538                      (1,549)                  68,740            21                1:23 AM             35

 On the upside: I'm currently carving a couple of really cool pumpkins! I'll have at least one done by tomorrow (yeah, I'm a bit late in the game, but I had to get some things for my sister's Halloween party because her autism was starting to turn her into an impatient, hard-to-get-to-understand-things monster instead of a sweet nurse).
   Yesterday, I went to a costume store and got the last missing part of my sister's costume as well as a costume for myself (I had no clue what I'd be. Last year I was a robot made entirely up from a dehumidifier box and a styrofoam rectangle that made a perfect face.). Having had worked today, I wore my costume. It was not cheap, but I've never really spent a bunch on a costume before. It was the last one in my size. Okay! Okay! I'll say it! Right now, I'm sitting here typing in a gold dalek costume. People loved it. I laughed when I had to go up and down the stairs, but even harder when I had to take the elevator (pushing a book cart, you see). It was also funny when people slowed down as they drove by in the parking lot when they saw a dalek entering the Bookmobile. I imaged they were saying, "Now, what's a dalek to do with a Bookmobile?"
Kids also stared at me when I was cleaning the computer keyboards. Quite an entertaining day, indeed. Unfortunately, I don't work tomorrow, and although I've been considering on working, I have lots to do with decorating and cleaning the place up for the rambunctious kids.
  Oh, thrice blast me to the moon! Here I am typing and having to blow my nose off. I really don't need another cold, thank you. I hope it's allergies. Earlier I was sneezing occasionally, but I did notice my throat burning last night. Poop. Poop, poop, poop, poop! Well, I'd better wrap this up.
  Anyways, I'll keep you posted about the pumpkins on Twitter (@Jennifer_Fulk ) and on, where I'll be posting pictures of my progress, etc.
  And yes, I'll be writing again once I'm done with the pumpkins.