Monday, February 23, 2015

February 2015

*deep breath* Wow. It's been officially 10 years since I started writing and planning this series.

I've been writing for several days of this month already, but I've been a tad too preoccupied to update this, so I'll try to do that tomorrow or the next day. I have something planned (Feb 23rd) after work, but in the evening (Pacific Time, Washington State) I'll sit down and start the calculations. I've been logging down my progress, times, etc. on a bunch of sticky notes neatly stacked in one place, thankfully, (meanwhile snapping at myself for not keeping track of the few January notes I have giggling in their hiding spots somewhere), so February's shouldn't take too long.
For now... bedtime! ZZZZ <-- No, I don't snore. Haha.
I suggest checking back either in about 24 hours from now (It's 1:20 AM right now where I am) or in 48 hours. I'll probably have this finished then. ;-D

*Updated below

*Update on May 29, 2015: I found a lost sticky note for February 5th! Added it!

*Update on Jan 22, 2016: I noticed I made some goofs in the Day column. I fixed it.

Words Written          (Difference                Total                                  Time
Each Time                  from Last)               Words           Date          Stopped              Day
92                             (+160)                    69,709             5              2:21 AM              39
802                           (+273)                    70,071              8             4:27 AM              40
333                           (-469)                     70,404              9             1:52 AM              41
23                             (-310)                     70,427             10             2:49 AM             42
1,960                        (+1,937)                  72,387             12            2:36 AM              43
131                           (-1,829)                   72,518            [12]          2:03 PM              [43]
151                           (+20)                       72,669             13            2:42 AM              44
1,595                        (+1,444)                  74,264              17           3:49 AM              45
231                           (-1,364)                   74,495             [17]          1:32 PM             [45]
1,123                        (+892)                     75,618              18            1:48 AM             46
124                           (-999)                      75,742             [18]           1:32 PM            [46]
174                           (+50)                        75,916             19             1:33 PM             47

Friday, February 13, 2015

January 2015

 Yes, I didn't write on New Year's Eve. It just wasn't the right... time, somehow. I did feel guilty for it, but the crazy thing about writing is that you have to be in that moment. The mood. The feel. I couldn't feel the story grasping at my mind, and I couldn't grasp it. Plus, things, as you can imagine, were a little... excitable. Add a bunch of rowdy, fun-loving neighbors who insisted my family to come over for salmon and a good view? Who can turn that down?
 Anyways, I'm writing again, and although some crazy stuff happened during most of January, pushing my writing back to the end of January, anyone can at least be glad I'm writing again. October 21st? Are you kidding me? Is that really the last time I wrote?
 Needless to say, I had to re-read the majority of the 140+ pages of writing in order to get back into the game and have the feels of the story.
 This is also why you see very little writing here: While I re-read, I made little fixes here and there. Confusing wordings, seeing better ways of saying things, a little handful of misspellings here and there... things like that.

...I can't find the sticky notes I wrote down each logging. Argh! Oh well, I'll just add it here later when I find them. It was only a couple of days in January or something anyhow.

*Update: I found one sticky note while I was digging for something among my papers. Today, I'll be organizing my desk, so maybe I'll find the others. ...Come to think of it, there's a good chance that this is the only one from January! Ha!
*Update on May 29, 2015: AHA! I was just going through old sticky notes, copying their content onto one big paper and throwing them all away, and I found two more sticky notes! Thankfully, I always thought there were three days I wrote this month, so this is it. Unfortunately, I have to go back to the other months and adjust the Day numbers, but that won't be too hard. :)

Words Written           (Difference               Words            Date           Time                  Day
Each Time                     from Last)              Total                                Stopped
529                            -9                          69,269             28              1:45 AM            36      
96                              -433                      69,365             30              3:20 AM            37
252                            156                        69,617             31              4:19 AM            38