Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday, G3:DF!

It turned 2 years old (from the day I started writing it in 2013) on June 20th. I can't believe it's been that long already. It almost makes me feel like I'm not writing fast enough, but I'm doing my best with the time and energy I have (even if I do sometimes get distracted by other projects and hobbies. But I'm just living my life as a human being, so there's not too much guilt in that).
Anything new regarding G3:DF? Nope. Still hammering at G4:O in the forge. I haven't been writing much for the past nearly-four-weeks because many things were happening: Shopping for birthdays, wrapping gifts, running numerous errands, celebrating birthdays, preparing my sister for her high school graduation, fetching my autistic brother from miles away, going to the graduation, resting, finally enjoying my own birthday gifts (including a dragon jigsaw puzzle, a Doctor Who soundtrack CD, and a leather journal), being too uptight to write because my grandma ended up in the hospital (She's 88.), and finally back down to being distracted by the internet.
Now that it's all over, I can finally write. 
Hold that thought. My sister wants to go out in the sprinkler right now. It's a hot day. An excessive heat warning is in effect in our area. *wails* I don't wanna' go outside!! Wahhhhh!!! ...But I have to. I can't keep her cooped up in here, forever. After that, though, I MUST write!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2015

Yay! My birthday month! I'll be turning 23 on the 12th. 
It's weird. I've felt like I've been 23 for 6 months, now. It's been driving me crazy for that long, so it'll be a relief when that's all over.
Ha! Speaking of a "relief when that's all over", my birthday is not the only thing happening in my family!
As follows:

June 5th: My sister's birthday party (when her wild friends come over and party like 3-year-olds).
June 7th: My cousin-in-law's birthday and also the day when we celebrate our traditional group birthdays at a restaurant.
June 10th: One of my Auntie's birthdays (63).
June 11th: My sister's birthday (18).
June 12th: My birthday (23).

As you can probably tell, by the time it comes to my birthday, I'm sick of the celebrating and want nothing more than a quiet, laid-back birthday. 
As you can also imagine, this is the time when I gain the most weight. Not like I gain a huge amount of fat all at once, but it's still uncomfortable and makes me feel gross-looking and miserable. Thankfully, we've decided to make a bunch of cupcakes so we don't end up wasting cake when we get tired of eating it (Helps with body image and self-esteem, too).

Oh dear. I'm realllly falling asleep a lot tonight. I had a really busy day at work, so that's my reason. 

June 2nd
Stopped writing at: 12:29 AM
Words written: 919
Total words so far: 106,746
Day: 74


June 8th
Stopped writing at: 2:02 AM
Words written: 1,862
Total words so far: 108,608
Day: 75

Sorry. Can't say much, this time. Big, busy day tomorrow. Hope I survive the week.


June 27th
Stopped writing at: 4:04 AM
Words written: 1,407
Total words so far: 110,015
Day: 76

A person who doesn't have much sleep is more likely to get heat exhaustion or heat stroke, so what I am doing up at past four in the morning when an excessive heat advisory is in effect, I have no idea. It's going to be 90 degrees Fahrenheit today, so I think I'll stay indoors as much as I can. Here in western Washington state, U.S.A., it's typically mild weather, so getting 90 degrees is uncommon. 
People are already complaining at temperatures in the 80's, and many more don't have air conditioners. My little apartment is shaded by a couple of big trees, so I'm mostly safe, but others won't be so fortunate. Next week, there will be several days in the 90s, so I pray for the health of all.
In case you're having hot, sunny weather like me, I highly suggest putting emergency blankets (the camping kind) over your windows. It will dramatically reduce the heat coming inside, but you'll still be able to see out of them. It works like a one-way mirror, or like sunglasses.
Forgive me if I've already mentioned the emergency blanket thing before. I'm terribly sleepy, and it doesn't hurt to sound like a forgetful grandma if it's for the welfare of actual forgetful grandmas.


June 28th
Stopped writing at: 3:11 AM
Words written: 1,637
Total words so far: 111,652
Day: 77

Accomplishments today: Stayed mostly out of the heat of the day, re-potted my sprouted plants on the porch, wrote, caught a big spider with the help of my bug-tracking cat, and falling asleep while typing this.


June 29th
Stopped writing at: 2:39 AM
Words written: 926
Total words so far: 112,578
Day: 78

Ack! My leg fell asleep! I guess that's what I get when I sit criss-cross-legged in a chair for so long. Anyway, beside from the weather being unpredictable as usual, the only thing I have interesting to say is that Sweetie alerted me to two bugs tonight while I was writing: A green lacewing on the kitchen ceiling and a small spider that thought it was safe to hide underneath my mom's luggage case.