Sunday, September 4, 2016

September 2016

Sept 1
347 words (writing and editing longhand)


Sept 2
422 words (writing and editing longhand)


Sept 3
394 words (writing and editing longhand)

 Oh, I can't believe it! I typed a bunch for this blog, and I copied it, meaning to paste it here (instead of in the August 2016 post), but then I forgot and copied something else. The whole thing is gone. Oh well. I remember the basics of it:
 You know how I had to stop where I left off because I hadn't exactly written the beginning of this book (I meant to summarize it, but then it slowly won me over and I started actually writing the book), and how I had to go back and actually write the very beginning of the book so that I could know what my characters were doing in the beginning and to pick up where they left off? Well, I'm close to being done with the beginning. The book is currently in three pieces right now because it was too hard at first to initially start the book from the beginning, but I'm getting very close to being able to connect the three together into the original file.  Heheh, the notebook I've been writing in has only 21 blank pages left in it. Three pages were used for notes, 21 blank pages are left, and the rest are written in. Which means I wrote 46 pages longhand. Whew!  Thankfully, I've been avoiding traditional ballpoint pens because they're hard on hands. You'd have to apply a lot of pressure in order to get the ink out, which would give you hand cramps. In the past, I've suffered from hand cramps, and having a bad knuckle that didn't heal right after breaking it makes me even less willing to get hand cramps again. That's why I've been using a Uni-ball Signo medium point pen with black gel ink. 
 ...Haha, I sound like I'm in a commercial! Know this: I didn't mention the brand because I'm being paid to promote it. I just merely bought it at my local grocery store, tried it out, liked it, and am now telling you what I've been using. I'm rather fond of this pen. I have another favorite pen, but I haven't been able to find it for a while. I like it for its ease of use and because it makes a funny high-pitched squeak whenever I click it. Actually, it doesn't click at all. It just squeaks. It's my favorite squeaky pen. I love how it's so easy to squeak it rapidly a bunch of times without my thumb getting sore. All other pens that squeak are annoying. 
 As for the paper notebook, it's just a standard 70-page wide rule paper notebook. I didn't have a college rule notebook at the time, but I'm glad I used wide rule: If I make a mistake or want to squeeze in words when I don't like a sentence and want to edit it with little room to spare, I can use the space above the original words to fit them in.
 ...It's 3:16 AM, Sunday, September 4th. I am tired. I must sleep. I must fight the urge to write. *moans*
 Oh, I forgot to mention: Once everything written is back in one file, I'll then continue to give you the total word count of the book each day I write.
 And here's a funny picture of Sweetie sitting between me and writing this blog post:

 She wanted to let me know that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Initially, she laid down and rested her head on my arm, making it difficult to type with my right hand, but then she sat upright and stared at the mirror with huge eyes as though she saw a bug hide behind it. She has a freak talent for knowing where a bug is. We mostly get small spiders the size of your thumb nail, but sometimes they can get to the size of your palm. Hobo spiders get pretty big when you let them, but with her around, we've been able to capture or kill them before they get that size. I try to catch and release them whenever possible. They're good for getting rid of other unwanted bugs.
 They're also good for scaring my mom. Just kidding. I'm not mean, and I don't like mean pranks. She screams when she sees them loose, but she just gets freaked out when she sees them in the bug jar. Her screaming hurts my sensitive ears, which is why I'm forever grateful that Sweetie notifies me when she sees one. Most spiders that don't make webs in the air hunt on foot at night, which is why Sweetie and I are the perfect spider-eradicating team: We're both nocturnal!
 Uh oh! It's 3:51 AM! Time for bed!