Saturday, March 11, 2017

February 2017

  I haven't blogged since mid-January, and it's March 11th now, so I'm just here catching up on filling in the writing log days. Nothing much happened in February. It was a boring month. And cold. Plenty of snow, rain, and clouds. I stayed indoors. I don't like cold weather. I like the sounds of rain on my umbrellas, and I'm indifferent to rain on most days, but sometimes I get sick of the rain. I live in the rainy part of Washington state (not D.C.), near Seattle, so it's always rainy most of the winter. It's been unusually snowier this winter, though, but no large accumulations. Maybe it did once or twice, but it's mostly been less than an inch.
 As for February being the month of love: I'd rather have a cat than a guy for the rest of my life, so my Valentines Day is always spent giving my mom and sister Valentines Day gifts. I'd just rather have guys for friends because it's more secure. Breakups are hard, friendships can gradually fade away by moving far away and not talking much to one another. Although that's sad, it's sadder and heartbreaking to lose someone you've felt closely connected to. I just never want to go through that. I have dozens of other reasons besides that, including never wanting to have children due to health/genetic issues, but I don't want to list them all. Why waste my time? I'd rather write!

February 2nd:
Document 5: 12,532

February 5th:
Document 5: 12,533

February 7th:
Document 5: 16,321

February 8th:
Document 5: 17,153

February 9th:
Document 5: 18,378

February 15th:
Document 5: 19,473

February 16th:
Document 5: 20,114

February 20th:
Document 5: 22,722

February 21st:
Document 5: 23,478

February 22nd:
Document 5: 23,743

February 23rd:
Document 5: 23,845

February 26th:
Document 5: 24,911

February 27th:
Document 5: 25,340