Friday, May 1, 2015

May 2015

Yay! It's May! *leaves you imaginary flower on your doorstep*

 You may have noticed I changed the system around with my logging. Yes, it's less statistical and more wordy. That's because it was too time-consuming in trying to make it look like a chart, less fun to write, less fun for you to read, and the thing that frustrated me the most was how I couldn't insert a table grid on Blogger like I could do in Microsoft Word and Google Drive (Take note, Blogger!). But, once I screw on a more wakeful head onto my neck, I'll decide on what to put in and take out, etc.

 Right now? I'm falling asleep on and off again. Thankfully, I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, so I can finally sleep in. 

May 1st
Stopped writing at: 1:59 AM
Words written: 11 (Yes, 11 words! I got stuck with a ton of things to do and now I can't stay awake.)
Total words so far: 92,152 
Day: 59

 I'll write more to add to May 1st when it's close to noon or afterwards.
...Oh! Gahh! Agh! *coughs and breathes to the side* Sweetie, who's sleeping in my lap right now, just farted! That, or it was my black lab nearby. Well, whoever did it, just woke me up (I was dozing again). The smell that followed was not a delicious smell, let me tell you that. Umm... anyway! Off to dreamland!


(also May 1st)
Stopped writing: Late 8:00 PM
Words written: 839
Total words so far: 92,991
Day: [59]

 I believe I started writing around noon, but it was on and off. I blame social networking and random ideas constantly popping up in my head (a song, some jokes, questions regarding a computer issue, random research, etc.). What a restless day. This is why I don't write during the day. Now it's 2:30 AM on May 2nd, and I really want to write! I normally write at night. Oh! the constant battle between the sleepy body and the overactive mind! ...I think I'll write and see how far I get.


May 2nd
Stopped writing at: 3:19 AM
Words written: 494
Total words so far: 93,485
Day: 60

 [I refuse to write much here because I am sleepy and my cat is now using my arm as a pillow, which is making me jealous. Can I be a cat, already???]


 *Update on May 2nd: There. I went back on all the daily log-ins I put in that were no longer in the so-called chart form. Looks a lot better! 
Oh, and the one thing you may have noticed that I removed from the system was "(Difference from Last)". Not only is it not much needed, but I also get a tiny bit of anxiety when I see negative numbers. "Oh, dear. I wrote less than I did yesterday." Especially when the numbers are big. It's an unconscious reaction that no writer likes to have unless they do better under pressure, but for me, I don't do well at all (It's a good thing I'm writing the latter books to be published far later before I go back to the first two!).
All in all, I'm happy with the new system, and I hope you do, too!

May 5th
Stopped writing at: 1:08 AM
Words written: 227
Total words so far: 93,712
Day: 61

 I keep falling asleep. My cat just came to check on me. Now she's yawning vocally. Now she waiting on the arm of the recliner. Now I'm going to bed.

May 8th
Stopped writing at: 2:07 AM
Words written: 42
Total words so far: 93,754
Day: 62

 I haven't written in a few days because I wass stupid. <-- HA! Those last two words I was sleep-typing again! I was dreaming of Dexter from the cartoon, "Dexter's Laboratory", trying to teach me how to say "stupid" in his accent. Not sure whether I should be worried or entertained by this zombified state I slip into. ...Come to think of it, those who have to communicate by sign language can sometimes be found sleep-signing, so maybe this falls into that category. Interesting.
 Ahem! What I meant to say was that I haven't written in a few days because I got stuck a little. I needed to decide on the order of things happening and when they would happen. After a few days' break of being too daunted to go back to it, I finally decided to remove a few paragraphs and move a certain event a little further down the book. Although I did daydream the entire thing in my mid-teens, I have since gone through some crazy and traumatic ordeals and forgotten some things. I can also blame it on too much daydreaming of the most important scenes and of my favorite scenes.

May 17th
Stopped writing at: 2:40 AM
Words written: 384
Total words so far: 94,138
Day: 63

 I haven't written for several days because I was shopping for Mother's day and an upcoming family birthday, my mom got sick, (two days later!) my sister got sick, and went grocery shopping for both of them. In the end? Exhausted. They're all better now (Whew!).
 I didn't write much tonight because I had to get back into the groove and read several pages before my stopping point. I do that anyway, every time I sit down to write, but it's most always by 1-3 pages. It's just like when you finally pick up a book you haven't finished reading and have to read a few pages or more before the part where you left off just because you get lost, you know? This time, though, I also had to fix several little confusing parts and minor errors I made along the way (I think I need more sleep....), which took up time.
 Oh, whaddya know? It's 3:07 AM, and I feel like assaulting an innocent little haystack. I think I'll approach it like the zombie apocalypse has begun and I'm the first one who's been zombified. Wait a second. Why would a zombie try to attack hay when it doesn't have a brain? That was probably The Wizard of Oz's Scarecrow's idea. Wait a second. Is Scarecrow actually a sort of zombie?? It might explain why he was animate from the beginning. Thankfully, being that he was a scarecrow zombie, he had no interest in attacking Dorothy, because his prey was only other scarecrows. But that doesn't explain how he became animate from the beginning. Aliens? Brainless zombie aliens? Brainless zombie aliens whose only craving is hay? Okay, this is getting weird. Time to hit the hay. No, not again! *types up a bunch of Z's that somehow equal the sound of snoring, even though I don't snore, just so I actually end it this time* ZZZZ Ha! Gotcha'! Okay, all I have to say more is: This weird, crazy story-building out of hay, zombies, The Wizard of OZ, and aliens is born out of a perfect, seldom-happening combination of me being tired, having a very-awake imagination, still wanting to be awake, still wanting to write my book just a little longer, and feeling silly. (Did you know that the brain scans of a tired person and a drunk person look similar? So, you can say that I'm drunk from tiredness. Oh, and just so you know: I've never been drunk by alcohol and never plan to be. My great grandfather was a drunk, and besides from that, getting sick and having a hangover don't sound fun at all. Plus, I enjoy having a clear head at all times, thank you.) 
 Blagh! I did it again! (Not a Britney Spears joke.) My "All I have to say more is" didn't work very well. I got off topic, and I didn't even finish. Okay, I'll make it short: That weird story-building thing I just spewed all over this just now? I go through that sometimes, and it's awesome. It mostly happens on my (private, non-public) Facebook. One of my friends will post something, and I'll end up making a joke out of it. People react, and I somehow - I don't know how I do it - make it crazier and crazier. That's why I made a blog out of it, on which you will find other, funnier things I did and said past 2 AM:  . There are a few posts in there that are a bit inappropriate for younger audiences (Rudolph the Red-nosed Zombie Reindeer raping people, for instance. While not too graphic, I nonetheless put up a setting that warns about content and asks if you wish to continue. Basically, the rest of it is okay. I haven't posted in it for a couple of months, but I just yesterday had a funny conversation with someone that I'm dying to ask for permission to share his photo. So, stay tuned!)
 Enough advertising my other blog! Now, I really got to slam my face into my pillow. It's 3:55 AM. *grumbles* And to think that all this time, I could have been writing in my book, instead.... Oh well, it's entertainment for you. Good night! :D


May 18th
Stopped writing at: 2:44 AM
Words written: 1,253
Total words so far: 95,391
Day: 64

 Uh, whoops! Look at the time! Gotta' get up for work in 4 1/2 hours! :/ Time flies in real life when time flies in a book. Wish I had a net to catch it and give it a leash.


May 21st
Stopped writing at: 1:55 AM
Words written: 1,742
Total words so far: 97,115
Day: 65

 I'm falling asleep even as I write a exciting battle scene. How is that possible?
...My cat just jumped into my lap, my department <-- There we go again. Sleep-typing again. This time, the dream was about me being at work (P.S. I work in a city library), figuring out something about the printer being down, etc.
*ahem* Let me try this again: My cat just jumped into my lap. ...And I forgot what I was going to say about her. Oh well. *backflips into bed*


May 22nd
Stopped writing at: 1:36 AM
Words written: 226
Total words so far: 97,341
Day: 66

 Whoah. My eyes heavy, I shut them for what I thought would be a small handful of seconds, but then I looked up the next "moment" and realized I've been having a full-fledged dream. In my alarm upon waking, I forgot what it was about, but I think I should stop it right here. *writes 14 more words* Right there. *writes in this* Right there. ...Okay, not another word. I've got to.... Okay! Okay! *crawls away*


May 23rd
Stopped writing at: 2:36 AM 
Words written: 118
Total words so far: 97,459
Day: 67

 Wrote in bed for the fun of it. A wee bit difficult to prop it up at the right angle, but I keep falling asleep and jolting awake while writing this, and it's really getting on my nerves. ...Wow. Looking at May, I'm writing mostly in bursts of a handful of hundreds in word count. How depressing. Well, I'll have time all day tomorrow to hopefully make another 1,000+ words before the end of the month. Wish me well. ...*jolts awake again, feels like leaving the laptop running all night and just sleep, knows better, ends this to update this blog post and shut computer down*


May 25th
Stopped writing at: 3:22 AM
Words written: 2,216
Total words so far: 99,675
Day: 68

 Nice. I love it when I get a huge writing splurt. Haha, I used "splurt" ever since I was a little kid, not knowing that it was already around since the 18th century. I thought I made it up from the funny sound, combining the words "spurt" and "splat". Maybe it was also inspired by my fat pet Black Moore goldfish, Blurp? Anyway, I'm happy I wrote this much in one sitting. It's depressingly not nice when it's only in the triple digits, which hardly feels like anything to me.
 Oh, and today was the very day last year that my whole life turned upside-down. Literally. Car crash of the century. And I had the front row seat to the show, too. It was scary - no, terrifying - and yet kind of cool, like I was in a real-life action movie. Unfortunately, it wasn't an easy job after all, being a Spiderman impressionist. Word of advice: ALWAYS use the toilet before you get in a car. Seatbelts do not feel comfortable on a full tank, if you get my meaning. And no, I wasn't driving. Slick roads, I can tell you that, though. My ambulance driver witnessed another spin-out with a "Whoah! There's goes another one!" while I was still on the way to the hospital. Funny guys, they were. If they weren't paramedics, they'd do great as comedians.
 My gratitude forever goes out to those two people who pulled over just five seconds after it happened. They didn't even know our upside-down roller coaster went out of order that soon before they stopped to help us out. I hope to meet them again one day to thank them again. They could be anywhere near Bellevue.
 Anyway, I hope to keep my mind busy today with Memorial Day events around me whilst walking in hopefully warm temperatures and no rain. And, oh dear. It's 4:06 AM. I get to see my smelly brother in 8 hours. Hooray! *pinches nose shut at the thought*


May 27th
Stopped writing at: 2:15 AM
Words written: 467
Total words so far: 100,142
Day: 69

 Yay! I finally made it to over 100,000 words total! I think I'm halfway through the book. 
 Busy week. I was sleepy after work, so I took a 4-hour-long nap and woke up around 8:45 PM for dinner. I've been feeling very sleepy ever since I woke up, but I couldn't resist writing late tonight anyways. 
 I had a dream about Bilbo and the dwarves hiding from evil elves inside this abandoned house full of big, dirty windows. At first, I was just me, and I was helping out wherever I could. During the last part of the dream, however, I was a dog made out of blue patched-up cloth. It was a spell to keep me disguised. I might have been a human, but I think I was an elf seeking out the truth.
 Okay, I can't write here anymore. I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open.


May 28th
Stopped writing at: 3:20 AM
Words written: 598
Total words so far: 100,740
Day: 70

Nooo.... I planned on NOT writing tonight because I knew I'd end up NOT going to bed early, which is what I originally wanted to do, but I just couldn't help it. It didn't feel right not writing at least a little. Well, at least I had a 4-hour-long nap after work yesterday, but I certainly won't be able to do that today. Poop heads! (Yes, that's how I cuss. I also say, "Thrice blast!" Less often? "Poop fart heads!" But, my personal, long-time favorite? "Thrice blast me to the moon!" I used to say, "Ah, poopy doopers!" Aaand... I can't remember what else. To me, traditional cussing is boring. There was a short time when I cussed at age 14, but I quickly found it to be empty and felt it had a lack of life and creativity to it. Although I sometimes say "dang" and "darn", I tend to use those more in response to something disappointing. Otherwise, I'll make up and use something more interesting until I change and feel the need to change my exclamations to a style more fitting to me.) 


May 29th
Stopped writing at: 12:22 AM
Words written: 180
Total words so far: 100,920
Day: 71

Ugh. VERY tired. It was a hot, busy day (It was 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but it was significantly hotter than it has been for a long while. For those of you who are used to much hotter temperatures, the Pacific Northwest, especially west of the Cascade Mountains, is typically very mild throughout the year, so my body isn't used to this sudden heat.). I had to go somewhere about a mile away, so I took the bike. I hadn't ridden it in months, but it was fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get much relief from the wind I got from riding. My life has been primarily indoors, which only made my intolerance to the heat worse. Think I should slow down and enjoy the outdoors again? I miss hiking and biking. Oh, and if you want a fun bike trip experience, I highly recommend the San Juan islands! ;)

Update in evening of May 29th, 2015: I found two lost January sticky notes of log days and one from February. I've just added them and made corrections on the Day numbers for the months since.


May 30th
Stopped writing at: 3:17 AM
Words written: 682
Total words so far: 101,602
Day: 72

*yawns* Time for some sleep. I've a friend coming over tomorrow, so I'm not going to type much here. My cat, Sweetie, was certainly adorable tonight though. While I was writing:


May 30th into May 31st (Sometime during the hour of 3 PM into the next day)
Stopped writing at: 3:51 AM (Yowza! That's almost 13 hours straight - again!)
Words written: 4,225 (WHOAH!)
Total words so far: 105,827
Day [72] & 73 (Counting only May 31st, because I already counted the earlimorn log) 

I think I need some well-deserved sleep, now. ZZZZ


Update on Jan 22, 2016: A goof was made in February 2015's post, so I fixed it. And since you can obviously see this, this post is now fixed, too. ("Day 1, Day 2, Day 7...." "...Wait, what??")